Sunday, September 15, 2013

All I Desire.

What a weekend it was!  I got to spend the last three days with sweet Spencer.  Since I woke up with conjunctivitis on Friday, our plans to go to our favorite little dive bar that night were nixed, and instead we spent an evening at home.  First though, we went on a hunt to search for an inexpensive dart board to put up on my patio.  Hey, what better idea could we have for two people who like to have fun on the cheap?  We really did have a great weekend with the little investment that was the dart board and cheap beer, as well as some great tunes on the iPod.  He makes me laugh so much that I don't know if I ever stop smiling when I'm in his company.  I'm sure that sounds just as pukey and lame as it does sweet, but I mean it - it's true.

We may have enjoyed the alcohol slightly too much last night, so I woke up with a killer headache that luckily didn't last too very long.  Later on this afternoon, I got to meet little Fox Rocket, Spencer's little dude.  He was adorable, and I could see his daddy in both his features and his actions. It was a bit of a strange situation for me, and I wasn't quite sure how it would act when it happened.  I've never dated a single dad, so I've of course never had to meet the child of someone I'm interested in.  It was so nice though - to not be the one doing the introducing, but instead get to be the one being introduced, and getting to watch my boyfriend interact with his son.  There's something about parenthood though that changes a person.  It changes you on a grand scale, of course.  You're never the same once you become a parent, but it changes you on a smaller, day-to-day scale too.  I got to see the daddy part of Spencer for the first time, and it was adorable and endearing, and made me a little weak in the knees.  What's not to adore about a man who is so clearly head over heels for his child? 

Boyfriend.  That's what I called him a few sentences back. I like the sound of that.  Love it, actually.  It wasn't intentional.  In fact, I didn't realize I'd typed it until it had already flowed from my fingertips.  Boyfriend.  I'm still wrapping my head around it a little, I think, but it's new, so I'm sure that's normal and I'm rolling with it.  Sometimes (read: all the time), I wish I could peer into his skull, and see if his lines of thought run parallel to mine. It's a clever kind of love, I think.  This clever love won't tire.

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