Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Been Too Long

So I won't even bother trying to recap the last 3 months. Everyone who has ever read my blog knows that I'm horrible with keeping it updated.

Jesse's in the field right now. He was supposed to be gone for 8 days (we're ending day 3 right now), but he let me know earlier that they will likely be coming home a day early. I am very, very excited to hear that news. Cori and I are doing well though. We've found something to do everyday, and we've had fun. I swear I grow to love that little girl more every moment. I know I get frustrated with her sometimes when she's been super clingy or fussy, but I just remind myself that she's only this age one time, and I'm able to balance my mind and the frustrations go away.

I feel closer to Cori since Jesse's been gone than I have been lately, and my good friend, Allyssa, explained that it is probably because it was only Cori and me for 3 entire months. We had our schedule, our routine, and that all went away when we came back to Korea. Not that I'm sorry about that because ohhhh no, I am certainly not. I LOVE having Jesse's help with Cori because it helps keep my stress levels low and my tolerance levels up. But the fact of the matter is that it WAS just Cori and me for so long, and it's kind of nice to go back to that for just a few days. If I had a choice, I would certainly rather Jesse be home, but since I don't, I'm embracing my alone time with Cori Aletta.

The only real important news that I have to share since the last time I blogged is that Jesse and I know where our family is headed next. In September, we will be taking our little threesome to Fort Polk, Louisiana. Commence groaning and grumbling. Just kidding. All we've heard from pretty much everyone has been horror stories of what a crappy post it is, and how nobody can really like it there. Screw those tales - Jesse and I can't wait. The downside is that Jesse currently is on orders to deploy in January of 2011, which we aren't thrilled about, but in a way, we really are. Re-enlistment is always in the back of our minds and we both very much know that a career in the Army is never going to go anywhere without a tour downrange under your belt. We both wanted it to happen sooner rather than later, and honestly - we're very pleased with the time line. There are a few snags, like when we'll try for our second child, but that's to be expected with the Army, and we both have confidence that everything will work out just like it's supposed to.

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