Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cori took her very first step yesterday. I think she surprised herself as much, if not more, than she surprised us. It was totally unexpected. I'm guessing it will probably be awhile until she tries it again, but it's neat to know she's thinking about it. She was super grumpy yesterday, and just being very dramatic. One of those suction toys fell off the window it was suctioned to, and she literally threw herself on the floor crying and sobbing. Drama queen, much? I couldn't figure out why because I didn't think she'd be teething again anytime soon. Wrong! When she wouldn't sleep last night and just kept crying out as if she was in pain, I felt around her mouth and found that she's starting to cut her molars. Poor baby. :( Hopefully this one isn't too rough on her. Luckily, we have Tylenol to help her get through this finally. They're still out of it in the store here because of the recall a few months ago, but her pediatrician gave us a prescription for it at her 9 month appointment.

Jesse and I have been talking about her birthday lately. As far as presents go, I think we're going to get her lots of Little People toys, maybe a few musical DVDs, and a ton of books. I don't like her watching much television, but I know she enjoys it once in a blue moon and right now, all we have is a Little People DVD (which she loves!). She LOVES to "read" in the car, so we want to make sure we have tons and tons of books for her. I also really want to get her a sand and water play table, but it will be late September by then and I'm not sure how the fall/winter weather is in LA, so we'll have to make a decision on that later. We haven't really decided on where we want the actual party to be, but I know we're keeping it small. It will just be our immediate family, and that's it. Cori already won't know or remember anyone, and we're not going to overwhelm her with a million strangers. I'm excited for her birthday though. :)

Jesse and I have gotten almost all of our appointments made for our big move back to America. We have something like 64 days until we fly home, and we are so excited. It's really going to be weird to live in America. It won't be as huge of an adjustment for me since I recently spent quite a bit of time in America on vacation, but Jesse's been here with minimal vacation time since April 2008. Two and a half years in a foreign country back to the states is going to be a big transition to make.

I'm still dealing with figuring out something with school and a career. I hate feeling so stuck not knowing what path to take. For now, my plan is to go for my nursing degree, but I'm not 100% gung-ho about that, so I'm still evaluating and trying to figure out what might be a better fit for me. I'm trying to totally nix the military plan because I have a feeling it would be something I couldn't quite adjust to fully, and I definitely don't want that strain on my relationship with Cori. I can't bear to think of leaving her overnight, much less an extended period of time. So I guess it's just a big process of trying to figure everything out and make sure it all makes sense.

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