Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lonely Thinker

Jesse was called away to a traffic accident earlier, and he's been gone for the better part of the evening. He ended up feeling woozy while away at work, and I can only hope he gets feeling better soon. He has a 24 hour CQ shift tomorrow. CQ means, I think, 'Charge of Quarters'. It's a simple shift, but long and boring. He just sits up at the MP Company with a Katusa (Korean soldier) for 24 hours, takes any necessary phone calls that might come into the company, and basically just watches over things when no one else is there. Hopefully, the shift will fly by for him and it won't be too bad. I just hope he gets home soon since it is past midnight now and he'll have to leave for his CQ shift in about 8.5 hours.

I haven't really thought about being away from Jesse while Cori and I are on vacation, but it hit me tonight when I was wishing he were home. I would never for a moment compare my 'missing him' to someone who husband is deployed or stationed far away, or even away at some kind of training, but I do miss him when he's gone to work. I almost feel like I won't have any right to miss him while I'm in America because we'll be separated by choice. I am just really not looking forward to being apart for 2+ months. I'll deal, he'll deal, and I'm sure by the time the time is up, I'll have realized just how fast it flew by, but still… I'm really going to miss him. I'm not looking forward to sleeping alone, no goodnight gusses, or huggies and shoogies. All of the cute things we do for each other every day. Thank goodness for internet, webcams, and Skype!

Cori normally falls asleep around 9:30 or 10pm, but tonight she didn't fall asleep until about 20 minutes ago, right around midnight. She's passed out beside me, and sleeping like a beautiful, little angel. I don't know if I'll ever be able to transition her to sleeping on her own full time, not that we're thinking about doing that any time soon anyway. There is really nothing that beats waking up next to a smiley, 'ah-goo'-ing, bright, little, beautiful face. It's really hard to be mad/sad/upset when you're staring at a face so happy and innocent.

Anyway, since Cori's fast asleep and Jesse's still at work, I'm going to go play my DS and wait for my husbean to make his way home. Thanks for keeping up, readers.

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