Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

It's 12:29am here, which means it is now 2010! I was expecting to ring in the New Year with just myself and a sleeping baby. Much to my surprise, I heard the lock turn in the door at 11:52pm and Jesse was here, middle of his shift, to ring in the New Year with me! He was able to stay for our midnight kiss and then had to hurry back off to work, where he was doing checks for drunk drivers and underage drinkers. I really am so incredibly fortunate. This was our 5th New Year that we've celebrated together, and not once have we had to spend it apart. I can only hope that next year will make 6.

The weather was ridiculously cold and windy today. I think the "Real Feel" temperature today stayed between 10 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that lovely weather, something happened with our pipes and we have zero hot water. I'm not sure what happened because they are indoor pipes and are fully insulated. We'll have to call our realtor tomorrow… hope the office is open since it is New Year's Day! I can only go so long without some lovely hot water.

I have totally slacked on my Couch to 5K goals, and I am pretty irritated at myself for that. I've lost something like 45 lbs since having Cori, and I still have a ways to go before I'm at my goal weight. I KNOW I CAN DO IT. I just have to make myself do it. I need a motivator!

With that, I'm off to check my farm on Farmville (lol) and then wait for Jesse to get home from his shift. Love you lovely blog readers!

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