Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The thought of failure

The first thing that I would do would be to finally sit down and start (and finish) writing a novel. And then, it would be getting it published. The thought is terrifying. It is daunting, despite the long lasting desire I have always had to do such a thing. But even more than those things, the idea that I could do that is thrilling. I think that I am a good writer, and I wonder what sort of story I would pull from my brain if I dedicated the time to actually writing. 

Secondly, I would eat healthier. I would rid my body of grains and rely solely on meats, vegetables, and fruits - ya know, the dino way. I took gluten out of my diet and saw many positive reactions to my body, but I am a human who oftentimes has little self control, and I have cheated myself with food on multiple occasions. 

I would pursue Beachbody coaching more fervently. I believe in the products and believe that I could help people turn their lives and their health and their bodies around, but I do not believe that I am capable of handling the negative responses I would get if I did such a thing.

I am unhappy with my current position in life, and I know that I am capable of changing that, but I am scared to try. I love my husband. I love my children. I am hopeful for the future, but I am disappointed that I have no direction. Mostly, I would find that. I would find my direction and I would go wholeheartedly towards wherever it led me.

These things. These are the things I would do if I could not fail.

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