Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"More. More. MORE!"

My days are a constant stream of doing, listening, talking, cleaning. Never ending. Avery's awake, gotta feed him, he's asleep, dishes need to be done, Cori's hungry, gotta feed her, she doesn't want to feed herself, I have to feed her, Avery's fussing again, time for diaper changes, Cori wants to show me something, Avery needs to eat again, Cori wants me to put Avery down and crawl into my lap. Can't put Avery down, Avery's hungry, house needs to be cleaned, Cori's hungry again. Gotta clean when both kids are occupied. House is finally clean, kids are asleep, I can finally sit down. I find the couch, there's a food spill I somehow missed. Gotta get up and clean it up. It's clean and I can finally relax. Avery's hungry.

Like I said, never ending. Most days, I don't feel like I'm really cut out for this stay at home mom thing. They deserve a parent at home until they can go to school. I can't wait until Jesse and I can split that duty, and split the task of working outside of the home too. 13 months at best, 15 months at worst.

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