Friday, July 8, 2016

Rage Against The Machine

I intended to blog today about the adventure the last year has been, as today is our little Lyric's first birthday.  Initially, I wasn't going to infiltrate this post with politics, but today, more than ever, it seems crucially important to recognize the division in our world and to speak about it.  What I hope for, today, on my daughter's first birthday, is that, one day, she will be a voice of activism and reason in her community.  I hope that for all of my children.  I want them to live in and contribute to a world where campaigns like #blacklivesmatter become irrelevant because, truly, black lives actually WILL matter.  It is obvious that in our world today, they don't.  I want my children to stand for big things, and fall for nothing.  I want them to see injustice and rise against.  It doesn't matter right now that white people matter because in this nation, white people have always mattered.  Black people haven't, and judging by the corruption at the hands of those meant to protect us, and the citizens who see no wrong here, they still don't matter.  This is unacceptable.  Hate will never lead to peace.  Intolerance will never lead to justice.  The political machine that feeds into us all day, everyday, the mass media - someone needs to hold these people accountable.  Hate creates division, and a nation divided is a nation collapsing.

This cannot be the world we are leaving for our children. 

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