Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2009

It seems like we have don't have much going on, but when I really stop to think about it, we do. We're in the middle of a "hurry up & wait" situation right now. Jesse was offered an incredible opportunity last week, with many pros and cons. He would be able to stay in his ideal job, but we'd have to stay in Korea for an extra two years. We had to fill out some paperwork in a hurry, and now we're just waiting to see what's going to happen with his orders.

If his orders in Korea are lengthened, we will be here until April of 2012. It's not exactly the perfect situation, but there are enough pros that we felt we should at least try for it. If his orders aren't lengthened, we'll be heading out of here right on schedule, in April of 2010. Where we'll go from here, we have no idea. We'd like to be stationed pretty close to home, so Ft. Stewart, GA is on our 'dream sheet'. However, we both have wanted to live in Colorado for a very long time, so Ft. Carson is on there as well. I'm honestly not too picky about where we go from here... there are a few places I just have no desire to go, like Texas, for example, but it'll have to be home no matter where it is.

In other Army news, Jesse was selected to go to the Soldier of the Month board again, only this time it's an actual promotion board up in Seoul, in front of the Command Sergeant Major. He's very excited, but also very nervous. He's had a lot going on at work, so while he should have gotten his promotion in April, he is still not-so-patiently waiting on it. Hopefully it comes through soon because God knows he deserves it. He's hoping to potentially pin on Sergeant by the time we leave Korea. I believe he can do it!

Things really are going great. Time seems to be flying compared to how slowly time dragged by before vacation. May went by like a flash, and here we are, already halfway through June.

Cori is kicking, punching, and moving up a storm everyday. Today, I was actually entertained for about 20 minutes just watching her roll around in my stomach... pretty surreal to actually see something moving inside of me, that's for sure. ;) Jesse still reads to her every night, and we are both so anxious for September to get here. Her nursery is all done, and everything is just about ready for her. Just about 3 more months until it's time!!

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